Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Crazy Augmented Reality: The soon to be!


So down at the Google labs employees are working on the latest tech due to hit the shelves later this year for around $250-$500. This snazzy little gadget will apply augmented reality to your daily life, allowing you to do anything from sending texts to check the weather by looking outside and even finding out what time your next bus is by looking at a bus stop.

I know you look at the price and think "steep" right? But it is around the same price as a smart phone and does twice the amount of things!

Is this going to be the next biggest thing? And is it going to knock Sirius down a notch?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Quick Review: Dungeon Defenders!

Ok so i picked up Dungeon Defenders from steam the other day when it was half price (its £9.99 now) well worth the money. it has a very long game time and is very addictive.

Dungeon Defenders is a tower defence strategy crossed with a action game.
The aim of this game is to build your defence towers strategically to prevent the enemy monsters destroying your eternia crystal.
You have 78 character levels to power through, hundreds of weapons to find, loads of different armour to hunt down, and many difficulty levels to manage.
At the start you chose from one of 4 heroes to play, acolyte, huntress, squire and monk. Each of these characters have their own difficulty levels and different powers. Ill get more into this at a later date.
You can purchse the new heroes dlc which will unlock countess, adept, ranger and initiate all of whom are just female copies of of the original ones and have very little difference.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Selling a pure woodcutter runescape account level 93 for £5.

User name and password will be emailed to the buyer once money has been recieved.

Comment if you are interested in buying.

Stats are as shown above!

If you need proof i own the account then feel free to leave a comment saying you want to meet me in game.

PayPal payments only!