Thursday, 30 September 2010

Modding Gamer Score

Hello today i am going to teach you how to mod your gamer score for xbox 360.

Reclaimer: i cannot be held responsible for any actions microsoft may use against you.

What you will need
-2 programs, Le Fluffie and Modio.
-A usb drive, you can use your xbox hard disk drive but a usb stick is easier.

How to:
-Transfer your profile to your usb drive.
-Plug into your pc or laptop.
-Open modio and click 'explore my device'
-Save your profile to your desktop.
-Open le fluffie and open the profile that you saved.
-Click unlock all on your profle.
-Rehash and resign it and drag into modio to save.


  1. i have a couple of friends who would love to alter their gamer score. i'll check back on this blog.

  2. Oooh, my roommate might like this.

  3. Waiting for update, will be useful.

  4. Cool blog bro, keep up the good work ill support u

  5. Ok i have finished the tutoral now, it is simple step by step.

  6. nice info! keep it up

  7. My friend has been looking for a guide for this. Thanks, mate!