Monday, 11 October 2010

Modding Gamer Tag

Hello today i am going to teach you how to mod your gamer tag for xbox 360. !WARNING! only works for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2!

Reclaimer: i cannot be held responsible for any actions microsoft may use against you.

What you will need:
-2 programs, Hadzz GT Editor and Modio.
-A usb drive, you can use your xbox hard disk drive but a usb stick is easier.

How to:
-Transfer your profile to your usb drive.
-Plug into your pc or laptop.
-Open modio and click 'explore my device'
-Save your profile to your desktop.
-Open it in Hadzz GT editor.
-Edit it to what you want.
-Rehash and resign it and drag into modio to save.


  1. @MASS: Not at all, because when somebody clicks on you gamer card it comes up as yoour real GT :D