Wednesday, 14 March 2012

ROTMG Hax Part 2!

Ok so this hack is a little easier than the last but only works for short periods of time.

What you need:

  • any +3 ring for what you want to mod.
  • cheat engine.
How to:
  1. open cheat engine.
  2. open rotmg.
  3. log in to rotmg.
  4. select a character.
  5. enter nexus.
  6. enter a realm with low popularity.
  7. search for the figure you wish to mod, using first scan (in this tut we will use dexterity)
  8. place ring on and search for the new figure (click next scan this time)
  9. redo steps 7 and 8 (using next scan and not first scan) until you get 2 addresses.
  10. change one of the figures to a number (only one of the addresses will change the figure in game).
  11. lower the number until it is not yellow (this will keep you in game longer)
Guide lines:
  • It is best to only use this on dex. 
  • never use on atk as it stops loot dropping. 
  • if you use on speed you will be disconnected very fast. 
  • you will be disconnected if you kill to fast.
  • if you keep the number out of yellow you will stay in game longer.


  1. You are polish?

  2. Yeah not the best hack...
    1. Almost always disconnects you in under 1 minute...
    2. You really can't do anything with this or use it in a benefit way, though last night I did get def to work for a bit and that wasn't disconnecting at all.
    3. Can't find anything better? something that you cant just google hours/days ago?

  3. if you arent happy with the blogs content feel free to leave.

  4. Aww aren't you just the cute moody child... :)
    You should really get the stick out of your ass and stop over reading into peoples comments. The comment was indicating that the hack was shit, not your "blog" if that's what you want to call this crud..

  5. This only works on client side, nothing changes at all. It is turely useless.

    1. actually you are wrong, it is only attack and defence that is client sided. if you mod dexterity it increases your dexterity and you will kill and receive loot. but because attack is client sided when you mod it and kill a monster the monster still exists.

  6. when a new hack comes out is that these do not work with cheat engine
    have any data forecasting?