Sunday, 11 March 2012

ROTMG hax release!

This is now patched, i will have the new codes in a few days.

Ok so i have decided i am going to release a rotmg hack every couple of days to try and keep my traffic up. check in each day to find out when the next hack will be released. i will start with a nice simple safety net using HxD.

  • open rotmg to title screen.
  • open HxD
  • select rotmg in processes on HxD
  • search for 4F CE 2F 02
  • replace with  4F 02 02 02
  • click save
This is a safety net, meaning that you will not die. however if you take more damage than the system thinks you can handle it will kick you to the character screen.

Keep updated with the newest rotmg hack by coming here each day.


  1. how do I use to replace and not done anything
    Please help me I'll be your fan forever blog

  2. press ctr+F.
    type 4F CE 2F 02.
    highlight CE 2F.
    while they are highlighted type 02 02.
    click save.

    1. thanks for help with rotmg
      replaces and has had no effect

    2. how very strange. it still works perfectly for me. maybe you are doing something wrong?

    3. I used the steam client
      found the numbers you said and saved it replaces
      when I am attacked pardon life usually does no such effect
      I tried in firefox and also gave nothing

  3. 4F 02 02 02
    this is the code that should be the end
    Please complete the code as is helps me

  4. I adore haaaaaaaaaa
    Haaaa worked thank you I am without words is a genius * - *
    I adore haaaaaaaaaa
    Haaaa worked thank you I am without words is a genius * - *
    I will always come on this blog is now my favorite sit: D
    I hope you always keep it up
    please email me on msn adciona
    sorry for my english is to use the translator :)

  5. no longer works, codes all changed today.