Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dragon City Walkthrough (facebook game)

Hello and welcome to my dragon city guide, in this guide i will run you through everything you need to get started as a dragon trainer.

Ok so first things first, start by doing all of the quests up to the one where you have to breed fire and water dragons together, at this point you will need to build a new water habitat to house the future hatched dragon.

Carry on with the quests again until you hit the quest that asks you to destroy a farm, (at this point you should have 3 farms built) destroy a farm like it says and you get triple the money back, so with that money rebuild a farm and then go on to build another one for a total of 4.

Best farming technique: I have found that to get the most amount of food for your dragons the best this to do is have 1 farm growing "dragon bells" constantly, 1 farm growing "Hot Dragon Chili" constantly and 2 farms growing "Caterpillar Lilies". Just before you go to bed make sure to set all farms to grow "Caterpillar Lilies" so when you next play you will have 600 food and 4000 experience to collect.

Upgrade these farms as soon as you get to level 8, but until then stick with the technique above.

I will update this every time i get chance to!

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