Thursday, 25 October 2012

I'm back with a phone review!

So, after a long break I'm back to review the Sony Xperia tipo. So here goes:-
The Sony Xperia tipo is all in all a great budget phone (picked mine up from earphone warehouse for £89.95 plus £10 Vodafone top up since it's PAYG.)
It doesn't have a brilliantly responsive touch screen so it's not the best budget phone for gaming however it does have a beautiful screen that is nice and bright. Also the low 3.2 MP camera lacks slightly but still allows you to take average photos. Since it is running android 4 it pretty much has everything you would need on a phone. It fits very nicely in you hands and has a qwerty keyboard when upright or tilted on its side. It also had a brilliant built in speaker which keeps really good music quality no matter how loud (no more crackly bass ruining your music). Another good thing about it is the 40% discount off of a suggested accessorie such as headphones, I guess this varies from store to store though.
But I love this little phone especially having bought and sold a blackberry curve withing 3 days of eachother, but that's a story for a different time and place. I would definitely recommend this phone to someone new to smartphones or are on a budget. It would be good for someone new to smart phones due to its easy usability and setup guides.

Thanks for reading guys. Until next time!

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